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We are a group of visual storytellers delivering value for clients across the globe. We strive to create a competitive advantage for our clients with our unrivaled creativity and our unique approach to the visual storytelling process.

The Ashe & Lightning Process

1. Questionnaire

We ask about your audience, the purpose of your infographic project, how you plan to share it, what kinds of infographics you like, your brand guidelines, and a whole host of other pertinent questions.

2. Statement of Work

We put together a statement of work that defines all project specifics, including deliverables and timelines.

3. Kickoff Meeting

We have a chat about the project. The purpose of this call to to make sure both teams are on the same page as regards the questionnaire, our process, and the project timeline.

4. Story:

Ashe and Lightning employs first-rate copywriters who go over the background info, key points, and data shared in the questionnaire. We craft your story which we then pass on to you for feedback. We make all necessary revisions and once you’ve signed off on them, we move on to the next phase.

5. Wireframe + Moodboard

A wireframe is a blueprint of the project layout. To put it simply, a wireframe shows how the designer plans to lay out your content along with descriptions of planned illustrations. It is accompanied by a moodboard which shows you the fonts, colors, and illustrations we think would work for your infographic.

6. Design + Delivery

The wireframe and moodboard come together and your infographic is brought to life! We’ll go through a round or two of edits to make sure everything is picture perfect. If your infographic is animated or interactive, that animation is included at this stage. Once everything is finalized, the final files are sent your way.

Our Services


Static Infographics.

A static infographic is a great way to turn complex data and information into a digestible and memorable package. Whether you’re presenting a concept that’s difficult to understand or outlining the steps for a new process, summarizing the information with a static infographic is the perfect way to convey your message.


Presentations and Pitch Decks.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. From investor and sales pitch decks to conference and training presentations, we take your ideas and translate them into compelling narratives that engage your audience.


Interactive Infographics.

An interactive infographic provides a creative solution to displaying data and information in a memorable digital experience for your users. A great interactive infographic attracts a visitor’s attention and makes them explore the data/information more thoroughly. They are the perfect way to boost engagement and increase time on site.

Why Infographics?

Stand Out From The Crowd

We are storytellers. We turn your data into easy-to-understand infographics that leave a lasting impression.

Boost Sales

Turn more visitors into customers and increase your clicks and shares with eye-catching visuals and data-driven results.

Take Your Internal Communications To The Next Level

Whether you’re communicating with co-workers or pitching a strategy, infographics will help you engage your audience.

Engage Clients

People remember 55% more information when they see it represented visually. Whether you are in an investor meeting or at a parent/teacher conference, the key is more show, less tell. We can help package your expertise into a highly engaging and highly impactful infographic.

What Our Clients Say

Anthony Sassarone
Anthony Sassarone
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We have hired Ashe & Lightning twice over the years and plan to work with them in the future. They have been instrumental in our shift away from text-heavy documentation. We would definitely recommend working with them!
Stephen Barlow
Stephen Barlow
PEW Research
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We hired Ashe & Lightning to help overhaul the way internal communication is handled here at PEW. We couldn't be more thrilled with the results we've been able to achieve!
Alan Norsworthy
Alan Norsworthy
Read More
Ashe & Lightning have been wonderful to work with! They are everything you could ask for from an infographics agency. The listened to our needs, made sure they understood our target audience, and created infographics that exceeded our expectations. Hire these guys!
Nick Ayala
Nick Ayala
Read More
Ashe & Lightning helped bring my idea to life with a skillfully crafted pitch deck. I never imagined my idea could be presented so beautifully. What an amazing team!
Kristy Slater
Kristy Slater
Read More
Working with the Ashe & Lightning was a pleasure from start to finish. They are an affordable, responsive, and diligent team that have added tremendous value to our company.
Byron Turnoff
Byron Turnoff
Read More
A&L has been a pleasure to work with. We have a lot of complex processes and their unparalleled creativity has helped bring those processes to life. We are thrilled with this partnership and hope to continue working with them for a very long time.

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